Olives are a fruit, so they are best eaten and crushed fresh! In order to bring you the freshest crushes available, we change our sources seasonally. In the spring and summer, you will notice we have olive oils from Northern Hemisphere sources such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and California.  In the fall and winter, we use Southern Hemisphere sources such as Australia and Chile. They are only acquired from small estate mills all over the world that meet strict production criteria, and once produced, they are all sensory evaluated, lab tested and certified. The proof of the quality and the health benefits - measured in polyphenols, DAG scores, and oleic acid - is then displayed on each fusti in our store.

Our dark traditional and infused balsamic vinegar are produced in small batches in Modena, Italy. They contain less than 5% high-quality, barrel-aged red wine vinegar from Modena which is added to inoculate the must with pro-biotic (acetic bacteria).  The rest of the volume is wholly comprised of cooked Trebbiano grape must and is made from grapes cultivated in the Modena region. They are crushed and cooked in the ancient “Traditional Style” in copper kettles. This time-honored method of making balsamic naturally thickens and deeply caramelizes the grape sugar which turns a rich, dark mahogany-brown. As a result, we have one of the very few balsamic vinegars on the market without added caramel color or added sugar.  This method contributes to the wonderful complexity and richness tasted in our balsamic.

Our Infused White Balsamic products are made from the Albana, Trebbiano, and Montuni grapes which grow in the region of Modena, Italy exclusively. Our white balsamic is denser, richer, smoother, more complex, and naturally thicker than any white “balsamic-like” products found in the U.S. This is because the producer uses an artisan process of sun-drying the grapes to concentrate flavor and must, as well as adding the smallest percentage (less than 10%) barrel aged Italian white wine vinegar than any other white balsamic on the market. Unlike most other knock-off products that rely on adding sugar from other sources or thickeners, our product relies strictly on the natural artisan production method to produce the finest white balsamic

Our other gourmet items in the store come from sources who have a commitment to fresh, natural ingredients and quality, and many of them are certified organic, kosher and non-GMO.