Olive Oil Skincare Co. Gift Set

The Olive Oil Skincare Company uses 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in the antioxidants Vitamin A and E which are known for their anti-aging properties and for the improvement of skin flexibility. These products are ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin. Why have all the nasty additives when you can have pure goodness taken straight from nature instead? All products have NO palm oil, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives, coloring agents or additives of any kind!

Face Wash: Made with Juniper Oranges, this face wash has a pleasant citrus fragrance and provides a potent natural vitamin C known for its brightening and collagen stimulating properties.

Hand Cream: Made from pure olive leaf extract clinically proven to prevent and reduce the appearance of age spots, this light yet effective hand cream serves to soften your hands while squelching free radicals as well as providing lightening properties.

Olive Oil Soap: Rich in natural glycerine and Vitamin E, this olive oil soap has a lower pH than commercial soaps making it ideal for sensitive and problem skins. This soap is suitable for shaving and even washing your hair, and its citrus scent is a crowd pleaser.

Face Serum: This Anti-Ageing serum will nurture your skin naturally with emollients derived from olives. It leaves your skin feeling resilient and moisture refreshed while protecting from dehydration. We've also found it provides a perfect primer for make-up!

Face Moisturizer: Light, yet effective, this natural facial moisturizer leaves skin feeling restored and refreshed while protecting it from free radicals.