Where are we located?

Our store and tasting room in Historic Downtown Truckee is located in the old Flying A service station next door to the train station and the California Welcome Center. We have more than 25 premium extra virgin and flavor infused olive oils and  more than 30 premium and flavor-infused balsamic vinegars, as well as other specialty oils and vinegars.


Where do I start?

Our olive oils and balsamic are kept in stainless steel containers called fustis. We have sample bottles of each flavor and encourage you to taste till your heart's content! To enhance your tasting experience, we'll provide a pairings sheet of suggested combinations for salad dressings, marinades, and glazes. Your taste buds, creativity, and inner chef will take over from there!


Do you have a recycle program?

We have a re-use program. You bring your olive oil or balsamic bottle back clean and dry and we refill your bottle with whatever flavor you'd like. To clean your bottle, put a drop of dish soap in the bottle and shake with a bit of hot water.  Then rinse thoroughly and put in your dishwasher.  Empty Bottle of balsamic vinegarWe suggest you run your dishwasher on the heat-dry cycle.  Let your bottle dry uncorked for 24 hours. Do not re-cork as it will hold in any residual moisture which can make your next batch go rancid.  

Just throw away your cork - we'll give you a new clean one. And, we'll give you $1 off for re-using your own bottle.

Polyphenol? Oleic Acid? What is that? 
You'll notice on our premium olive oils that we have cards displaying several numbers.  Polyphenols indicate antioxidant properties - the higher the number, the greater the benefit. Oleic acid is an Omega-9 fatty acid associated with numerous health benefits. All our EVOOs are taste and lab tested to ensure they meet not only international olive oil standards but an even higher quality rating called "Ultra Premium." No fake or adulterated olive oil here!


What other products do you have?

We also carry spice rubs and blends, honey, jam, and more! Navigate through our meticulously curated selection by visiting our Shop Page and easily locate what you desire using our convenient tags. Whether you're in the mood for premium Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, tantalizing Rubs, delightful Jams, or golden Honey, we have the perfect culinary delight waiting for you! Embark on a journey of taste and quality with our exceptional product range.

What do you suggest for gifts?

We are known for our pairings and our boxed olive oil and balsamic pairings make fantastic gifts! Elevate your gifting experience with our bespoke creations, tailored for every occasion – from spontaneous birthdays to gracious hostess presents, and even sophisticated corporate gifting. We also have 6-pack sampler sets, spice box sets, and gift baskets. All are made to order. Call our store at 530-550-8857, and let us guide you through the process of creating a sensational pairing or a carefully curated combination of products.