Shipping Rates Recently Updated! 

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis we are offering DISCOUNTED SHIPPING. See how the new rates compare to our normal shipping rates below. 

These rates are based on the total cost of your order. Your order must be a minimum of $37 to qualify for discounted shipping. If your order is less than $37 it will be sent in a standard box for $12.

Rate by Box



P.O. Rate

Medium Box




Large Box




2 Medium Boxes




2 Large Boxes




*Please note that for anything more than 2 Large Boxes, FedEx may be less and we'll get a quote before charging shipping.

If you have questions about shipping or would like to place an order larger than the options above accommodate, please give us a call at (530) 550-8857.

Our primary method of shipping is the USPS flat rate priority mail boxes due to the fact our products tend to be heavy for their size, and we have found this is the most cost effective means. Unlike the massive shipping discounts given to Amazon and big box stores, as a small business we have to pay near retail rates for shipping, which we discount for you. 

We are able to fit six of our 200ml size bottles or four of our 375ml bottles in one medium sized box. Enjoy discounted shipping on your order if it totals $37 or more.

Tip: Shipping costs the same for 2 of the 375ml bottles as it does for 4 (or 6 of the 200ml). If you are ordering 12 bottles or more, it is best to call us as we can then get cheaper rates through other carriers.