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Your Health And Olive Oil - Latest Headline – September 2017

When we say Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest food oil, we’re not exaggerating!  Other food oils may get press here and there, but since the 1970’s when the Mediterranean Diet set a new standard for healthy living, no other food oil has been studied as often and as extensively as olive oil.  We’ll use this section to keep you up to date on the latest findings. Check out the latest finding below.

 “Extra Virgin Olive Oil Staves Off Alzheimer’s, Preserves Memory”

 In this study, researchers at Temple University compared mice who ate EVOO enriched diets to mice who didn’t.  The results showed the mice that ate our favorite green stuff (EVOO) had better memories and learning abilities than the mice that ate a regular diet. The scientists involved said this was because the neuron connections in the mice brains that had EVOO were better preserved. Also, olive oil is known to reduce inflammation and activate what they called the “autophagy process,” which is when intracellular debris and toxins are removed.  A reduction in the autophagy process is suspected to be the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease and therefore the researchers deduced that EVOO may protect human brains as well.

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