Cranberry Pear Aged White Balsamic

The sweet-tart flavor of cranberries combined with the light, crispness of pears makes for an amazing infused balsamic that is a customer favorite and one of our best sellers. If you like your salad dressings without olive oil (say it isn’t so!) this balsamic is fantastic enough to stand on its own. Our most popular pairings however are with Tuscan Herb, Blood Orange, or Herb de Provence Olive Oil. We also like a couple tablespoons to flavor sparkling water, vanilla yogurt, or dress fruit. Be warned – once you’ve tried this one, you won’t be able to live without it!

 All natural with no thickeners, no added sugar, no caramel color or dyes, and no artificial flavors or added ingredients whatsoever! Yes, these are Gluten-Free!