Gravenstein Apple Aged White Balsamic

For many who have tasted the Gravenstein Apple, it immediately becomes their favorite due to the juicy sweet flavor that has just the right amount of tartness. Therefore, we believe this Gravenstein Apple Balsamic was born for salad dressings! We like it best with our Basil, Herb de Provence, or Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil, but it is also fantastic with any of the pure EVOOs. It is wonderful drizzled over a plate of sliced apples, pears, and cheese (serve with crackers as an appetizer). And we also recommend a couple of tablespoons of it’s refreshing tartness in sparkling or soda water.

 All natural with no thickeners, no added sugar, no caramel color or dyes, and no artificial flavors or added ingredients whatsoever! Yes, these are Gluten-Free!