Sicilian Lemon Aged White Balsamic

One of the main producers of fragrant, tasty and high quality lemon essence, Sicily sends it’s delicious product all over the world. It is used in this brightly citrus infused Lemon Balsamic to create a vinegar that is as versatile as it is tasty. It is most popular with our Tuscan Herb, Rosemary, and Wild Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil – both as a salad dressing, or chicken and fish glaze. Add a couple tablespoons of this balsamic to mayonnaise, yogurt or sour cream for a wonderful artichoke leaf or vegetable dip. Try it in your chicken and fish marinades for a bit of lemon zest. Use wherever you desire an added citrus boost!

All natural with no thickeners, no added sugar, no caramel color or dyes, and no artificial flavors or added ingredients whatsoever! Yes, these are Gluten-Free!