Tangerine Aged Dark Balsamic

Tangerines are a fruit that can saddle both sides of citrus and sweet and added to our aged dark balsamic it creates a culinary gem that is at home in savory, spicy, and sweet dishes. Pair it with Tuscan Herb Olive Oil for bread dipping, a salad dressing, or a chicken or salmon glaze. Pair it with Rosemary or Garlic Olive Oil for a duck or lamb glaze. Pair it with our Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil or Harissa Olive Oil for a spicy salad dressing or meat glaze. Or simply drizzle over fruit and vegetables to add a bit of sweet. Use over desserts as a healthy alternative to high sugar syrups. One of our favorites is angel food cake topped with tangerine pieces, toasted pecans, and a dollop of whipped cream with this Tangerine Balsamic drizzled over the top.